ESNS who is also partner in the project provided a great place for GEM at the Vismarkt. During the festival experts were present at GEM who provided the public information about the tower and renewable energy in general. The GEM tower is still under construction and was not fully equipped in Groningen to perform optimally on the energy production. Another 12 festivals in 2020 are planned for testing and piloting GEM. By the end of February/beginning of March 2020 a full list of festivals will be published.

Panel discussion and music at GEM On Thursday 16th of January there was a panel discussion at the GEM-tower itself. Everyone who was interested in sustainable solutions for festivals in the broadest sense of the word and sustainability in general was more than welcome. Guests who joined the panel were Nienke Homan (Energy Transition and Regional Energy Strategy) and Ward Erhart (Oerol festival).

We had a nice music performance from Daniel Cane.

(Photo: Jorn Baars)