GEM Tower on The Ocean Race Summit

Floor van Schie, GEM Tower PDEng Trainee, participated in a live cross during the Ocean Race Summit on Tuesday May 26, 2020. Floor shared her thoughts in the Innovation Workshop: Sustainable Brands and Overlay.

Corona crisis update: Digital GEM Tour

Due to COVID-19 we have changed the plans for our European festival tour with GEM. The GEM Tower was supposed to go to many different festivals and events this summer. As we still want to share the stories of GEM with you, we started a new video series: the Digital GEM Tour.

GEM at ESNS 2020

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ESNS who is also partner in the project provided a great place for GEM at the Vismarkt. During the festival experts were present at GEM who provided the public information about the tower and renewable energy in general. The GEM tower is still under construction and was not fully equipped in Groningen to perform optimally on the energy production.

GEM at Dutch Design Week

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During the Dutch Design Week last October, GEM was built up as a test on the Market in Eindhoven. Together with SummerLabb, a platform for sustainability and innovation, the GEM team provided more in-depth information and intriguing facts about the GEM.

GEM for the first time on Pukkelpop

Pukkelpop is partner in project PowerVIBES and had the honor of being the first in the GEM tour of festivals testing in 2019. The GEM-Tower was built up successfully and provided Camping Comfy on Pukkelpop with energy.