This year the GEM-Stage, again, is showing the world of events how it’s done the green way. This summer the GEM-Stage will be part of the first edition of ‘MORGEN’ festival. Recently we had the honour to be the main-stage at ‘The Ocean Race stopover Aarhus’ and make a scoop with the GEM-Kitchen at ‘Sail Den Helder’.


From 21 September until the 23rd of September the first edition of ‘MORGEN’ will take place in Renesse, Zeeland. It is known as the festival of the future. Themes such as energy, science&tech, art, food and music are the pillars of the festival. In collaboration with OPZuid a bridge made with flax, a biobased pavilion and the GEM-Stage will be showcased.

The Ocean Race Aarhus

During the stop-over from The Ocean Race in Aarhus the whole event was running on green energy. Besides the GEM-Stage producing its own energy there was a hydrogen generator. This event is a great example for the industry that it is possible to run an event on green energy.

 Sail Den Helder

At the first day of Sail Den Helder the GEM-Stage was officiating the grand opening. Besides that, there was the scoop of the GEM-Kitchen. For the first time people were enjoying meals prepared on the green energy of the GEM-Stage in collaboration with ‘de Westfriese tafel’ and ‘Jean le Jean Catering’.

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