GLOW-festvial Eindhoven invites the GEM-stage to its event. Especially for this event, the GEM-stage will be equipped with lamps, cozy mood lighting around it and there will also be various activities on the stage.

The 21 meter high GEM-Stage is a real eye-catcher due to its height and colorful appearance. The GEM-Stage supplies 100% sustainable energy for performances at festivals and events. The energy of the GEM-Stage is generated by the windturbine, the solar poles, the colored and LSC-panels. The combination of these energy sources and the battery ensures that the GEM-Stage is completely self-sufficient. The GEM-Stage provides sufficient energy for a complete live performance in all weather conditions. In addition to generating sustainable energy, the GEM-Stage also aims to create awareness in the field of energy consumption and sustainable energy generation. During GLOW 2021, the GEM-Stage will not only provide its own energy, but the facilities around the GEM-Stage will also be supplied with sustainable energy.

From Saturday, November 6 till Saturday 13 November, there will be a program every evening from 19:00. Will we see you soon at GLOW, TU/e campus in Eindhoven?

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