3D asbl (Dour Développement Durable), Dour
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3D asbl works on DOUR Festival to improve sustainable development by providing management and technical solutions. DOUR is the biggest music / touristic event in the French-speaking part of Belgium. For the last 28 years, the festival became one of the most important events in Europe with an eclectic line up and lots of exciting discoveries. It welcomes 235.000 visitors from all over Europe for 5 days full of music at an impressive festival area with a huge, yet cosy camping for music lovers.

Main role in the project
Alongside 3D asbl, DOUR is well known as festival that keeps on evolving and innovating with a central goal: return the venue in the way it originally was. This clear focus on sustainability makes that 3D asbl will participate in all stages of development to providing practical input / ideas from a users’ perspective by reflecting, giving comments, and provide advice on a range of topics on a regular basis. 3D asbl is involved in testing, monitoring, assessing of the unit on the DOUR festival.