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IBIS-Power has successfully developed an integrated wind energy system: a roof-mounted, elegant structure with an internal vertical axis turbine making use of smart aerodynamics.

The system is effective for buildings of 5 levels and higher in urban areas within 50 km of a coast line. The system generates energy from wind without producing any noise, vibrations or other disturbances. The system can be easily customized to blend with the architectural design of a building.

Main role in the project
IBIS-Power is a frontrunner in respect to generating wind energy in urban environments. Their expertise, experience and knowledge of smart aerodynamics is of major importance to the generation of wind energy on festival grounds. Wind in combination of solar energy is the key source in this proposal to develop a reliable, resilient, and decentralized energy solution for festival areas. IBIS-Power will make their patented technology available to the PowerVIBES project.